Northglenn City Council fails to pass pet store ordinance

Oct. 29, 2013

Northglenn City Council fails to pass pet store ordinance

At a public hearing held Oct. 28, 15 Northglenn residents made it clear to the City Council that they favor an ordinance prohibiting pet stores from purchasing commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits.

Prior to the hearing, Colorado Voters for Animals provided background materials and met with council members to increase their understanding of the conditions typically found in large-scale, substandard breeding facilities and the role that pet stores play in perpetuating the cycle of abuse and cruelty.

Nevertheless, the Council remained divided on the measure. The vote was four in favor, four opposed. A tie vote meant the measure did not pass.

The deciding vote, which likely would have been favorable, was not cast because Councilmember Susan Clyne was absent.   

Councilmember Leslie Carrico, who brought the ordinance back for reconsideration after a negative vote on First Reading last summer, voted in favor and indicated that she applauded the efforts of grassroots groups like ours that work to effectuate change.

In addition to Carrico, those voting in favor of the ordinance were Carol Dodge, Wayne Dodge and Kim Snetzinger. Those opposed were Mayor Joyce Downing, Joe Brown, Gene Wieneke and Marci Whitman.


Northglenn residents may be interested in the following information about candidates on the ballot in the city’s Nov. 5 election:

Mayor:   Joyce Downing vs. Gene Wieneke

Ward 1: Carol Dodge is unopposed

Ward 2: Joe Brown vs. Herb Barstow

Ward 3: Angelia McConico vs. Kyle Mullica*

Ward 4: Kim Snetzinger vs. Antonio Esquibel*

*Favors the pet store ordinance

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