Great News: Sen. Bennet Votes NO on King Amendment

Our voices have been heard!

I received a call yesterday from James Thompson, Sen. Michael Bennet’s regional director, letting me know that the senator has gone on record against the King Amendment in the Farm Bill (H.R.1947 and S.954). YES!

Sen. Bennet is a member of the House-Senate conference committee that has been working since October to iron out differences, so that Congress can act on this massive bill. The committee will release its final recommendations next week.

In our Call-to-Action email to you last June, we explained that the King Amendment would wipe out hundreds of state laws—laws put in place over the years to protect egg-laying hens, ban horse slaughter, regulate farm-animal confinement, control puppy mills and more. The language in the amendment is so vague it could even threaten food safety!  

On your behalf—and on behalf of the animals—we have kept the pressure on, communicating our concerns to Sen. Bennet’s staff on several occasions, in person, by phone and by email.

Now, it’s time to express our thanks. Please tell Sen. Bennet you appreciate his hard work on the Farm Bill and are especially grateful for his vote against the King Amendment. Find him on Facebook or go to his website.

Together, we’re the voice for those who have no vote.



Lori Greenstone, President

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