2014 Election Results

While the overall election results might best be described as mixed, here’s some very good news: 88 percent of the State House candidates and 70 percent of the State Senate candidates that we endorsed were elected to office.

In advance of the election, we sent our Pro-Animal Picks to our supporters and to the candidates, who proudly included our endorsement on their websites. We sent press releases to the media, posted on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter and made phone calls.

Best yet, our political action committee (animalcommittee.com) raised enough money to contribute to the campaigns of several humane candidates.



Alec Garnett, District 2

Daniel Kagan, District 3

Dan Pabon, District 4

Crisanta Duran, District 5

Lois Court, District 6

Angela Williams, District 7

Beth McCann, District 8

Paul Rosenthal, District 9

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, District 10

Jonathan Singer, District 11

Mike Foote, District 12

KC Becker, District 13

Pete Lee, District 18

Max Tyler, District 23

Diane Mitsch Bush, District 26

Brittany Pettersen, District 28

Tracy Kraft-Tharp, District 29

Joseph A. Salazar, District 31

Dominick Moreno, District 32

Dianne Primavera, District 33

Steve Lebsock, District 34

Su Ryden, District 36

John Buckner, District 40

Jovan Melton, District 41

Rhonda Fields, District 42

Daneya Esgar, District 46

Dave Young, District 50

Joann Ginal, District 52

Millie Hamner, District 61

Edward Vigil, District 62



Leroy Garcia, District 3

Ellen Roberts, District 6

Michael Merrifield, District 11

Cheri Jahn, District 20

Andy Kerr, District 22

Irene Aguilar, District 32

Lucia Guzman, District 34


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