Northglenn City Council moves forward on puppy-mill ban

Northglenn City Council moves forward on puppy-mill ban

The Northglenn City Council will hold on Oct. 28 a Public Hearing of a draft ordinance that will stop pet stores from purchasing commercially bred puppies, kittens and rabbits.   

The ordinance, first proposed in April by Colorado Voters for Animals, will help cut the supply line from puppy mills to pet stores in Northglenn.   

The hearing will be held Monday, Oct.. 28, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 11701 Community Center Drive (lower-level entrance), Northglenn, Colo. 80233.

Attention Northglenn residents: Your help is critical in getting this important ordinance passed! 

PLEASE plan to attend the hearing! The Council needs to hear from you, so PLEASE plan to stand up and speak out! *

Here are some points you may want to make in your own words:

  • First: Be sure to thank them for considering this important ordinance
  • Then, let them know: YOU ARE A NORTHGLENN RESIDENT.
  • Next, tell them: You want Northglenn to pass this ordinance, because it will help shut down puppy mills and kitten factories.
  • Puppy mills and kitten factories produce tens of thousands of animals in cruel and inhumane conditions. They sell their “products” to pet stores, who charge enormous prices to unsuspecting customers.
  • Pet store puppies and kittens frequently suffer from serious medical issues. Buyers have no recourse but to pay high veterinary bills or give up their pets to local shelters.  
  • Ninety percent of puppies in Colorado pet stores come from out-of-state puppy mills whose owners put profit first and the welfare of animals last.
  • Remember: Responsible breeders never sell to pet stores.
  • Because state and federal laws are nonexistent or inadequate, 32 cities across the country have stepped up to help stop the cruelty that is inherent with “factory-produced” pets.  
  • By passing this ordinance, Northglenn will set an example to other communities and will be seen as a leader in the humane treatment of animals.
  • Let the Council know:  You do not and will not support any Northglenn business that sells puppies, kittens or rabbits, and that you favor businesses that work with the Adams County animal shelter and rescue groups that offer homeless pets for adoption.

Please contact [email protected] and let her know you are a Northglenn resident and you will attend and/or speak at the hearing. We look forward to your participation.

Together, we are the voice for those who have no vote. 

*If you are not comfortable speaking at the podium, please attend the hearing anyway. It is important that there be the strongest possible showing of support. Thank you.


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